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Our divisions are prepared to meet industry standards of 3-5 eyes. However, because our divisions are cut from (3rd) third year plants, they have initial flowed buds in strong bud roots as compared to divisions from (1st) first year plants.

Healthy Bare Root Peony with 3-5 eyes
Compare Healthy Bare Root
with 3-5 eyes from 3rd year plants
with same 3-5 eyes form 1st year plants.

Peonies in your Perennial Garden I love Peonies! They are stunning, long lived plants and are an exceptional investment for your perennial garden. And, they put on an extraordinary show come blooming time.

They are a wonderful addition to the garden. As a perennial, they will provide you almost a lifetime of flowers.They provide a vibrant show of colors inside and outside the house. Plant peonies in your perennial bed or as a group of 3-5. Keep in mind that although mass planting is a real eye-catcher, a grouping of one plant variety will bloom all at the same time.
There is nothing quite like peonies when they are in bloom! Cut peonies make spectacular cut flowers. we offer for sale come in wide ranges of colors, but usually they are in shades of red, pink and white. Flowers are often 4" to 6" across, but can be smaller or larger. Numerous different flower types have resulted from centuries of breeding and selection. The most common forms are double flowers, single flowers and Japanese flowers, Most plants grow from 2' to 4' tall in the spring to early summer; die back in October to November only to re-grow in March. Peonies are very cold hardy. They only need winter protection when temperatures are below -20 degrees F.
At the end of the blooming season, the foliage of peonies continues to provide color and texture to your landscape garden.

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Blancho Bedding Herbaceous Peony-1 - Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Home Decor(Sample)
Home Improvement (Blancho Bedding)
  • 8.8-Inch wide by 10-Inch long.
  • Easy to apply - just peel and stick! Applies to any smooth surface.
  • Removable and repositionable with no sticky residue.
  • Pre-pasted, requires no additional adhesives or activators.
  • The purchasing quantity is limited to 1 piece, wallpaper samples are not returnable.

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In North America, the Smooth Sumac (R. glabra) and the Staghorn Sumac (R. typhina) are sometimes used to make a beverage termed "sumac-ade," "Indian lemonade" or "rhus juice". This drink is made by soaking the drupes in cool water, rubbing them to extract the essence, straining the liquid through a cotton cloth and sweetening it. Native Americans also used the leaves and drupes of the Smooth and Staghorn Sumacs combined with tobacco in traditional smoking mixtures.
Species including the Fragrant Sumac (R. aromatica), the Littleleaf Sumac (R. microphylla), the Skunkbush Sumac (R. trilobata), the Smooth Sumac and the Staghorn Sumac are grown for ornament, either as the wild types or as cultivars

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