Herbaceous and Itoh peonies

One of the things I learned this year about peonies is that there is an intersectional peony which is a cross between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony which grows more vigorous that both. I find that these guys have woody stems, but also produce new eyes as prolifically as herbaceous peonies.

ITOH Peony

Here's my newest acquisition, a Julia Rose itoh peony which didn't have much root mass, but as long as it gets established in its pot, it should grow well. I planted it as deep as I could to encourage more eyes to form.

It is a bit wilted so I coated all the roots with juicy roots cloning gel and placed it in a wall o water to ensure that the temperatures don't vary as much. I plan on watering it with rooting hormone tomorrow.

Here's the bartzella itoh peony which was bought a couple months ago, and it has hardened up nicely, getting a little bit of leaf burn, but overall the leaves have grown, and there is plenty of photosynthesis going on.

My keiko pink itoh peony was purchased at the local gardening center in a 5 gallon monrovia pot, and this guy is huge so I might end up dividing it this fall. row out a little bit.
Tree Peony

Kinshi Yellow: This one already made a small flower, and I cut it off soon after it wilted to prevent energy from going to the seeds because when they are still small plants, they need to store all of their energy for the growth of the following year. This one is already on its own roots, and it's easy to tell as I can feel woody roots right below the surface when I aerate the soil.

Here's the maxima cornu lutea hybrid tree peony. This was a 4 year old plant also on its own roots and might have enough energy to flower this year, but it is sprouting late because it was kept in a cooler before I bought it. I also deep planted this one in the deep monrovia 5 gallon pot to ensure that plenty of buds, and more roots form on the underground branches.
The following 5 tree peonies were planted as grafted plants last fall and 4 out of 5 of them are doing very well

Phoenix white

Marchioness: Not quite done leafing out since it started budding a bit late
Phoenix Hairpin: This one was going strong like the others, but it ended up wilting either due to the late freezes or fungal disease. I had to cut off all the dead section and a few leaves grew back with foliage equivalent to a 2nd year tree peony seedling, but I'm hoping it recovers.It's under full sun so it should be getting plenty of energy to recover for next year.
Here's the phoenix hairpin when it tried to make foliage the first time showing it wilting.
Black dragon holds a splendid flower

Here's my best tree peony from last year's batch, now over 6 inches tall, and the stem is really fattening up.

Here's the best tree peony from this year making its 3rd leaf which is pretty good for a 1st year seedling.
Here are some tree peony seedlings 3 weeks ago.
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Part 2

2012-11-13 08:39:45 by Nurseryman75

In North America, the Smooth Sumac (R. glabra) and the Staghorn Sumac (R. typhina) are sometimes used to make a beverage termed "sumac-ade," "Indian lemonade" or "rhus juice". This drink is made by soaking the drupes in cool water, rubbing them to extract the essence, straining the liquid through a cotton cloth and sweetening it. Native Americans also used the leaves and drupes of the Smooth and Staghorn Sumacs combined with tobacco in traditional smoking mixtures.
Species including the Fragrant Sumac (R. aromatica), the Littleleaf Sumac (R. microphylla), the Skunkbush Sumac (R. trilobata), the Smooth Sumac and the Staghorn Sumac are grown for ornament, either as the wild types or as cultivars

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