Herbaceous Hybrid Peony

AthenaPeonies in this section comprise a very large range of plants that have come into circulation as a result of the interest shown in the various species of herbaceous Peony and their ability to hybridise with each other. In the West, such hybridisation efforts (not including lactiflora X lactiflora), seem to have started in France with Victor and Emile Lemoine, who produced Le Printemps, Mai Fleuri and Avant Garde in 1907. These three are still widely available today and are crosses between P. lactiflora and P. wittmanniana.Earlybird America began to get involved and over succeeding decades many horticulturalists made their names in the annals of Peony hybridisation. Men such as Orville Fay, Robert Tischler, William Bockstoce, Myron Bigger, Oliver Brand, Gilber Wild, Edward Auten, Earle White, Roy Klehm, Bill Kreckler and many others including perhaps the most famous of them all, Arthur Saunders.Mai Fleurie troduce yellow into herbaceous Peony flowers. The species with the most distinctly yellow petals is P. mlokosewitschii, but in America it proved to be extremely reluctant to hybridise and its shade is pale. It has not been possible to obtain a darker yellow using it, and its best hybrids are such plants as ’Claire de Lune’ (Earle White, 1954) and Nova (Saunders, 1954). It should be noted that the illusion of yellow is obtained in some lactifloras by the presence of abundant yellow stamenoids (flattened yellow stamens) that create a very full centre to the flower. Such plants as the Japanese or Anenome form ‘Primevere’ and ‘Honey Gold’ spring to mind. Click on any of the images below to see a larger, named version

Salmon Glory Age of Victoria Claire de Lune Burma Ruby
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Peony farm in San Jose

2006-06-06 13:38:33 by 4peonies

If you live in the bay area, I grow over 120 varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies and they can be purchased in 5 gallon containers all year round at the farm. The roots are 2-4 years old. They can also be mail ordered if out of the bay area and shipped in the fall. Visit my web site 4irises.com and see the varieties that I grow. Visitors are always welcome and the peonies are in full bloom right now.

Peonies in pots

2006-06-06 13:30:48 by 4peonies

Peonies can very well be planted in pots but do need full sun except tree peonies that could do with part sun. Peonies can bloom in the bay area very well if planted with the top eyes at the surface level. The main reason that peonies fail to bloom is that they are planted too deeply. I grow over 120 varieties of tree and herbaceous peonies in San Jose. I sell them with at least 5 eyes in 5 gallon containers all year round. See my web site 4irises.com

Peonies from Costco?

2005-01-15 20:53:46 by greedynot

I have not been able to get herbaceous peonies to bloom. Its just not cold enough in much of the area. Where are you in the Bay Area? This is an exceptionally cold year and I am hoping again! You can try the tree peony or herbceous peonies with blooms on them in the spring. But I doubt if you can get the herbaceous ones to bloom the following year though.
Btw, its good to plant the dormant plants and allow the roots to grow before the top does. Maybe March would be a good time. But don't plant if its too wet.

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