Herbaceous peony in pots

DSC04864weblarge copyHad a teeny weeny harvest last week but forgot to take photos. The harvest was the scallion and the Chinese parsley used in the Coral Shrimp I posted on 2/8.

The scallions are from my windowsill garden and the Chinese parsley from my backdoor garden.

Few weeks ago, I needed more scallion for a recipe than my window sill pots could supply so bought a bunch at the food market, only to discover I had bought a bunch the week before.

Knowing the extras would rot if I leave them in the fridge, decided to plant them. They were planted a bit too close together in the pot but still they grew beautifully, much better than the stubs I planted the month before, and since I would be pulling whole plants as needed they will be OK.

Pulled up 2 plants for my shrimp dish, the remainder in the pot are growing happily on the windowsill (above left photo).

DSC02999weblarge copyFrom now on, if not using right away, I will plant my scallions into pots as soon as I bring them home from the market. If the dish calls for whole plant, I will pull up what is needed, if only green part is needed, I will snip off the outer leaves and the remaining plant will continue to grow and produce. No more spoilt scallion to deal with.

Spent a good part of last week stressed out over winter storm Nemo, cancelled all my jobs; my friends decided to postpone our Chinese New Year get together (wise call).

Fortunately my area was not hit as badly as some other areas, only about 12 inches of snow, did not lose power nor sustained and damage.

Still I needed something to cheer me up so decided to post some photos taken last summer.

I posted photos of my tree peonies on 6/1/12, and was going to follow up with a post of my herbaceous peonies but somehow never got around to it. Better late than never, here are some of them (you may need to click on photos to enlarge).

DSC02993weblarge copy DSC01361weblarge copy DSC02997weblarge copy DSC01364weblarge

Peony farm in San Jose

2006-06-06 13:38:33 by 4peonies

If you live in the bay area, I grow over 120 varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies and they can be purchased in 5 gallon containers all year round at the farm. The roots are 2-4 years old. They can also be mail ordered if out of the bay area and shipped in the fall. Visit my web site 4irises.com and see the varieties that I grow. Visitors are always welcome and the peonies are in full bloom right now.

Peonies in pots

2006-06-06 13:30:48 by 4peonies

Peonies can very well be planted in pots but do need full sun except tree peonies that could do with part sun. Peonies can bloom in the bay area very well if planted with the top eyes at the surface level. The main reason that peonies fail to bloom is that they are planted too deeply. I grow over 120 varieties of tree and herbaceous peonies in San Jose. I sell them with at least 5 eyes in 5 gallon containers all year round. See my web site 4irises.com

Peonies from Costco?

2005-01-15 20:53:46 by greedynot

I have not been able to get herbaceous peonies to bloom. Its just not cold enough in much of the area. Where are you in the Bay Area? This is an exceptionally cold year and I am hoping again! You can try the tree peony or herbceous peonies with blooms on them in the spring. But I doubt if you can get the herbaceous ones to bloom the following year though.
Btw, its good to plant the dormant plants and allow the roots to grow before the top does. Maybe March would be a good time. But don't plant if its too wet.

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