Define herbaceous perennial plants

Gerbera DaisiesWritten by George on June 6th, 2009

Plants can be classified according to the duration of their life-cycle.


Annual plants complete their life-cycle in one year. This means that it takes one year from the time they are planted until they mature, flower, produce seeds, and die. Annuals can only be reproduced by seeds. The seedlings are usually planted early in pots or containers so that they are well rooted when they are planted in the ground . This way, they can mature quickly and start flowering early. Flowering can be extended by cutting off older flowers, which stops the plant from producing seeds and subsequently dying. If the seeds these plants produce are left in the ground, they will sprout at the beginning of the following season. The flowers of most annual plants are very colorful, and exhibit a wide variety of forms and textures.

The most popular annuals are impatiens, petunias, dahlias, verbenas, gerberas, geraniums, daisies, and pompons.

Biennials are plants that complete their life-cycle in two years. The first year, they grow roots, stems, and leaves; the second year they produce flowers and seeds before dying. During the wintertime, these plants go into a period of dormancy and they start to grow again in the spring. Some biennials such as beets, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery and lettuce are grown for their edible parts and are treated as annuals. Their edible parts (roots, leaves, etc) are removed the first year of the cycle, and the plants are never allowed to produce a flower.

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