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Pruning Perennials
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I plant both annuals and perennials, because I have favorites in each category. My favorite annual plants are begonias, and my favorite perennials are daylilies.

The begonia petals actually glitter in the sun, and the stems and leaves have a purplish tint to them. They are very interesting looking and can grow in shade, sun, or a combination of both.

Daylilies are available in such a wide range of colors. I have several different varieties. The green leaves sprout in the spring, and the flowers last until fall.

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@giddion – Dianthus is a wonderful flowering perennial that will live throughout the year. The flowers are bright pink with white fringe on the edges.

I have some dianthus in my yard, and I was astonished to find that the leaves stayed green even when the temperature dipped below freezing. I planted them next to a tree in the shade, so they did have some shelter from the cold. However, I think they have a reputation of living through the winter, anyway.

They are so easy to grow. All you do is set them out and water them a couple of times a week or less, depending on the rainfall.

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Can anyone tell me what some perennial plants that stay green year round are? I'm wanting to grow flowering plants that won't die during the winter.

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I am living in a rental home right now, so I buy only annual plants. I would hate to invest a lot of money and time on perennial plants and find out that I had to move and leave them behind. I wouldn't be too upset about leaving annuals behind, because they would die out in a year, anyway.

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I can understand why gardening is such a popular hobby. Flowers add so much beauty to our surroundings and I find myself adding more flowers every year.

I also love annuals because of how long they stay in bloom. One way I have been able to save...

Clarification is well intentioned, but I disagre

2004-12-30 08:06:42 by Vallejo-Gardener

One of the approaches to understanding plant types is to determine whether it is a woody or herbaceous plant.
A woody plant, can never, ever be an annual or a biennial. It forms woody stems which take years to form, so it cannot, by definition, live for only one year, or two.
It certainly is true that a perennial, by definition, is a plant that has an ongoing life, and isn't genetically programed to seed and self-destruct in one (or two) growing seasons, so it is understandable that one would be tempted to call all such plants (woody or not) perennials. But in my experience the word "perennial" has only been applied to herbaceous (e

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