Herbaceous Perennial Ground cover

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From creeping stoloniferous perennials with soft foliage to medium-size shrubs, there are a number of Salvias that form dense groundcover. The plants listed here may be large or small, drought tolerant or moisture loving, but all are efficient at discouraging weeds and decreasing erosion.


  • Salvia 'Dara's Choice'

    (Dara's Choice Creeping Sage) A California native hybrid Sage that blooms in spring and early summer, Dara's Choice is widely considered the best choice for slopes, sunny neglected areas and problem spots.

  • Salvia adenophora

    (Oaxaca Red Sage) This rare sage has small, furry, bright orange-red flowers in abundance. It grows nicely in containers or, in mild climates, can become a large shrub in the ground. Attractive, bright green foliage and winter-to-summer blooming make it a desirable choice.

  • Salvia arizonica

    (Arizona Blue Sage) We are so impressed with this top-performing, drought-resistant ground cover that we have rated it best of class. Arizona Blue Sage is adaptable to a variety of shady conditions and blossoms so abundantly that it seems to have as many rich blue flowers as it has leaves. It is native to dry, shaded areas in mountain canyons in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

  • Salvia aurita sps. aurita

    (Oogseerbossie) Short and fragrant, this heat-tolerant sage is endemic to South Africa and Swaziland. Its whorls of lavender, double-lipped flowers bloom from spring to fall. They are marked with white throats, white beelines on the lower lip and bright green calyxes. The lax foliage is mint-green with simple, oval-shaped leaves.

  • Salvia bullulata 'Pale Form'

    (Puckered Sage) Gracefully drooping, the two-tone, pale sky-blue and white blossoms of this shrubby South American sage contrast crisply with apple-green calyxes and stems.

  • Salvia cacaliifolia

    (Blue Vine Sage) Blooming from mid-summer through late autumn, this semi-hardy herbaceous perennial is adorned with a profusion of true-blue flowers that arch up 12 to 24 inches above its deltoid, grass-green leaves.

  • Salvia caespitosa

    (Anatolian Cushion Sage) Rising up only 6 to 8 inches, this is a pixie-sized sage that loves gritty soils. It is perfect for...

American Garden Guild All About the Perennial Garden: The amateur gardener's handbook of hardy flowers: herbaceous and woody perennials, including bulbs and shrubs, biennials and annuals
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