Herbaceous Perennials for Partial sun

Perennial with small
Common Name Botanical Bloom Foliage Size Lighting Comments Wildlife
For the sun:
Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea Spectacular red spikes summer - fall Spade shaped; bright green 6X6 Full sun Awesome herbaceous perennial; great specimen plant Deer Resisitant; Hummingbird
Thryallis; Golden Showers Galphimia glauca Delicate yellow spikes summer - fall. Deciduous;1-2" dark green oval 4-6X4-6 Full sun to part shade Very hardy deciduous perennial; native to tropics where it is evergreen; makes a great back drop for lower plants. Deer Resisitant
Jerusalem Sage Phlomis fruticosa Soft yellow bloom spikes spring -early summer Evergreen; Silver green; fuzzy (similar to lamb's ear) 2-3'X3 Not a true salvia, but very hardy & tolerant of neglect; looks good year long.
Indigo Spires 'Mystic Spire' Salvia 'Indigo spire/mystic spire Deep indigo spires; Summer-Fall Large oval; Herbaceous 2 X 2 Blooms attract hummingbird and butterflies - monarchs love them. New cultivar is much smaller than original. Deer Resisitant; Butterflies
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Cuttings are clones

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The term clone is used in horticulture to mean all descendants of a single plant, produced by vegetative reproduction or apomixis. Many horticultural plant cultivars are clones, having been derived from a single individual, multiplied by some process other than sexual reproduction. As an example, some European cultivars of grapes represent clones that have been propagated for over two millennia. Other examples are potato and banana

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