Herbaceous perennials for summer colour

Growing herbaceous perennials

The Colorado State University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture conducts plant trials each year to weed out poor performers and determine best bets for gardeners in the Rocky Mountain region.

CSU added new herbaceous perennial trials to their longstanding trials of annual flower trials. Perennials make good sense for your garden because these plants return year after year, getting better and better, given the proper growing conditions. If you're planning to plant perennials in your Front Range garden, CSU has done the homework for you.

"These herbaceous perennial trials have been conducted for the past six years to evaluate the performance of newer herbaceous perennials in the High Plains and Rocky Mountain region, " said James Klett, CSU Professor and Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist.

"Colorado State University is very unique in the United States conducting these two-year herbaceous perennial trials, " said Professor Klett.

CSU provided the following list of “Top Performers" herbaceous perennials:

Buddleia davidii ‘Buzz™’ (Buzz™ Butterfly Bush series) - from Pacific Plug and Liner
The entire ‘Buzz’ series was noted for their excellent flower production and dense growth. The range of colors in this series was: Blue Violet, Ivory, Pink Purple, Violet and Magenta. Judges noted that all in the series were exceptional, but agreed that the ‘Magenta’ was their favorite. ‘Magenta’ had a vivid eye catching color that was unique to any other Buddleia out on the market. Compact plants would work well as a mixed border plant. Bred by Thompson & Morgan.

Nonsequitur alert re: shade

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