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Most professions and hobbies have their own jargon and terminology. Gardening is no exception. I thought I understood most. To be honest, I was a bit vague on what many terms actually mean and was afraid to ask. I often find it useful to write things out for myself to help me learn, understand and remember. This is for me, a list I’ll compile, of commonly used terms.

These are not my definitions, but what I have compiled from gardening books and internet searches. If you see any glaring errors, please do tell me and help me become a better gardener and blogger. Everything I write is aimed at gardening in the British Isles.


~ a plant that completes its life cycle in one year.

~ grows from seed, sets seed and then dies off in one growing season.

~ in their race to mature and setting seed before the plant dies, they are very demanding plants in terms of their need for water, light and food.

~ they often produced the most attractive and colourful flowers in order to attract the most insects for pollination.


~ a plant that requires two growing seasons in order to complete its life cycle.

~ during the first year, it produces mainly foliage.

~ in its second year, it flowers and sets seed.


~ when a plant is referred to as ‘herbaceous’ it means that its stems are green and soft, as opposed to brown and woody.

~ a herbaceous plant will die back to the ground during the winter, the roots remain living underground and new growth will emerge in the spring.


~ this is a plant that lives for longer than two years.

~ perennials can be divided into two categories

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