What does herbaceous perennial mean?

Habit: Herbaceous perennial



Tropical American prostrate or climbing herbaceous perennial having an enormous starchy root; sometimes held to be source of the sweet potato

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Nouns denoting plants


Ipomoea fastigiata; Ipomoea panurata; manroot; scammonyroot; wild potato vine; wild sweet potato vine; man-of-the-earth

Hypernyms ("Ipomoea fastigiata" is a kind of...):

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  — Gwinnettdailypost.com
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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