Herbaceous Plant Supports

Our rusted mild steel plant & shrub supports and arches are topped with steel balls. Uncoated they develop a natural oxide and soon achieve a lovely mellow rust patina which is why they blend seamlessly into your garden ... where they will last for many years.

Muntons new herbaceous plant supports

Hand-made in England out of solid 12mm mild steel, all our supports are welded together into a single piece requiring no self-assembly. No flatpack self-assembly, no tubular steel frames, no nuts and bolts, just welded steel which is why we guarantee them unconditionally.

Choose from supports for herbaceous clumps; supports for shrub roses; obelisks for roses and clematis; step-over apple supports; steel containers for olives and bay trees.

Herbaceous plant supports (35-95cm dia)
This new range of circular supports will elegantly contain peonies or any herbaceous clump with a tendency to flop – we use them also to hold together clumps of agapanthus, alstreomarias, campanulas and smaller asters. Larger ones suit tall michaelmas daisies, shrub roses or delphiniums.
Price £35-85 delivered

Steel planters (45cm x 45cm)
Our new range of planters are made in three sizes; their ball feet lift them off the ground enabling them to stand outside all year round without damage from even the severest winter! They are large enough to contain an olive or laurel tree or equally stunning with a display of early spring bulbs or summer bedding.
Price £150-190 delivered

Obelisks (2.5m)
A single 2.5m obelisk, either circular or square, adds height and architectural interest throughout the year. Ideal for roses and vigorous climbers, they can support scented columns of sweet peas or other annual climbers that need room to grow. Use alone or in multiples in the kitchen garden as robust runner bean supports that will not collapse under the weight of the beans ... and they make harvesting easy.
Price £185 delivered

Abinger obelisks (1.5m & 2.5m)
These elegant, architectural obelisks are ideal for roses and other vigorous climbers. Use singly or in pairs to provide a focal point either side of a path gateway.
Price £185-225 delivered

Rose arches (2.5m)
Define a walkway through your garden, or frame a seating area or a garden gate with roses or trained hedges. Our arches are not just well proportioned but, as your roses grow to maturity, they are robust enough to take the weight of the plants. They make an equally reliable support for a laburnum or wisteria walkway

Gardener's Supply Co. HERBACEOUS POT PLANT SUPPORT (Natural Rattan)
Lawn & Patio (Gardener's Supply Co.)

Info on Talinum

2003-07-03 13:22:27 by pro

Information I gleaned from the USDA plant database: plants.usda.gov/index.html Enter Scientific Name as Talinum
Talinum Adans. - gives you all varieties and maps of where they are present - click on a map to get information for that variety
- Talinum calycinum or parviflorum - most common varieties present in the central states from Texas to Minnesota/Nebraska.
- all varieties native to U.S.
Some common names:
Jewels of Opar (not common but a cool name, no?)
- Herbaceous Perennial, Shrub or Subshrub
- Native to the United States
- Talinum calycinum had a botanical illustration which showed a rhizhome (like an iris)
- Purslane family like Lewisia and Portulaca
- I doubt it is invasive. As a...

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  — Gwinnettdailypost.com
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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