Showy Flowered herbaceous plants

Vines with showy flowers;

Plants in the family Asteraceae

Key Characteristics What we think of as the "daisy" flower actually is a composite head containing one or two kinds of flowers: ray flowers (with flat, often strap-shaped corollas) and disk flowers (tubular flowers with 5 tooth-like lobes at the summit). Important characteristics of the flower head include color, shape (flat-topped or rounded), the leaf-like bracts that enclose the base of the head, and shape of the seed-like fruit (cypsela). If you don't have flowers, note whether the plant has milky sap or an odor. Also see if the stem is rounded or has edges. Note how leaves are arranged, if they're simple or compound, and if they have hairs or spines.

Exceptions The Aster family includes daisies and sunflowers, but also species with less showy flowers like thoroughwort, joe-pye weed, wild lettuce, and goldenrod. It's easiest to see the flower characteristics with a hand lens or microscope.

My plant is in this subgroup

Other herbaceous, flowering plants with alternate leaves

Key Characteristics This very diverse group is generally not woody, grass-like, or aquatic, and does not have composite flower heads. These plants have alternate leaves that join the stem at different levels, not opposite each other or in whorls; be sure to look at the arrangement of leaves in the lower half of the flowering stem.

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Well, yes, but...

2010-12-16 07:15:51 by QuercusSchmercus

…who really starts trees and shrubs from seeds? Not that that's a bad idea, i just think that, for most people, starting from seed usually involves herbaceous plants.
There's nothing wrong with dormant seeding species that benefit from a cold period, but seed generally germinates best when it is in firm contact with soil. Some seeds do best when covered with a bit of soil (OP's Poppy is an exception). If one wants to go this route, planting before the ground freezes is a good idea.
Tossing seeds on frozen ground may or may not work out well. Freeze/thaw cycles may incorporate the seed, but one can expect that some percentage of the seed will not germinate

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  —
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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