Uses of herbaceous plants

Turmeric (kunyit) or its scientific name Curcumin has a variety of uses. The most common we know about turmeric is that it is often used in cooking. However, did you know that turmeric also acts as an antioxidant or can function as a free radical killer that inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells, skin cancer, and cancer of the blood or even prevent prostate cancer.

Some of what he found in turmeric is demethoxycurcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, volatile oil, fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin C and other mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Apart from turmeric, there is another type which is closely related to turmeric, which is called mango ginger (temu pauh) or its scientific name Curcuma Amada.

It is closely related to turmeric but not as yellow as turmeric. It has the feel and smell of a mango. It is similar to ginger but have a raw mango taste.

Among other uses of mango ginger is more or less like turmeric that is anti-cancer. However, a mango ginger can treat the nervous system, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, and help reduce digestive tract problems or in other words, great for removing wind from the body.

However, a mango ginger is more delicious eaten as a side dish together with sambal belacan, or fried with vegetables.

Another plant that appears to be similar to turmeric is the Javanese ginger (temulawak) or its scientific name Curcuma xanthorrhiza.

Among other benefits of Javanese ginger is more or less like turmeric. However, mixing Javanese ginger with jamu, can cure the problem of acne, increase appetite, treat anemia and, most importantly, it function as an anti-detox.

This plant is widely used in the manufacture of herbal medicine. Hence, it is not surprising that herbal medicine makers uses the Javanese ginger as the main ingredient in each of their jamu.

Another herb that appears to be like turmeric is the Shampoo ginger (lempuyang) or its scientific name Zingiber Zerumbet. However, this plant is part of the ginger family.

Its specialty lies in its usage as flower arrangement because of its beautiful flowers. Generally, this plant thrives like turmeric and ginger and naturally, it grows in the bush and do not require special care.

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  —
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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