Herbaceous monocot and dicot stems

Maple Tree DicotDicots have broad leaves, normally flowers with 4 or 5 petals (or 8, 10) and have vascular tissue in a ring. Some Dicots have secondary growth and produce bark. Most Dicots have tap roots and are able to get water in deeper places, that also means they are harder to weed out of a garden. Think Maple tree; broad leaves, tree, trunk is tapped for maple syrup.

Here is a quick quiz to test your skills on identifying monocots or dicots. Answers below the next question.

Maple Tree Dicot1. Dandelions (Hint: They have a hollow stem)

2. Bamboo (Hint: This one is tricky)

Dandelions are Dicots. Hollow stem means the Vascular tissue is in a ring on the outside. Dandelions also have broad leaves.

Copyright Max Accelerated Xebec LLC 20133. Oak Tree

Bamboo is a monocot. It is one of the few monocots that are woody. It has parallel leaves.

4. Geranium Flower

An oak tree is a dicot. It has broad leaves and produces bark.

5. Orchids

The Geranium flower had 5 pedals, making it a dicot.

6. Ferns (Hint: the brown circles are Spores)

Orchids are monocots, parallel veined leaves, flower with three pedals. This one has highly modified pedals, so their hard to count.

Ferns don’t have flowers, they have spores. They are not, so that means they’re neither a monocot or dicot: Trick question.

Many phases of propagation

2009-07-01 10:34:10 by AnitaMoPlants

You were correct in eliminating some of the leaf surface and making a shallow wound in the base of the stem.
For soft wood stem cuttings one usually makes a clean cut just below a node in the stem and then a one inch sliced wound .
You may not have lost the plant. Roots may form this autumn.
The leaves may have fallen from drying out or perhaps a fungus formed in the soil
With evergreen leaf cuttings I sometimes will put plastic over the cuttings to keep the humidity up .
Environmental control such as stress, too much water, not enough light or a soil fungus appearance are all plausible reasons for the leaf drop

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