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Members of the Lamium that are grown in the garden are usually done so for their beautiful foliage.

The Lamium genus are hardy perennials and contains many members most of which are weeds.

Some common names for Lamium include Dead Nettle, Yellow Archangel and Cobbler's bench.

Lamium purpureum by Blumenbiene: CC.

Quick Lamium Growing Guide and Facts

Common Names: Dead Nettle, Cobbler’s Bench, Greater Henbit, Yellow Archangel.
Scientific names: Lamium maculatum; Lamium purpureum; Lamium amplexicaule; Lamium galeobdolon.
Life Cycle: Hardy perennial. Hardy Annual.
Height: 2 to 36 inches (5 to 90 cm).
Native: Europe, Asia, North Africa.
Growing Region: Zones 3 to 8.
Flowers: Year round.
Flower Details: White, purple, yellow. Spikes. Whorls. Hood-like petals. Snapdragon-like.
Foliage: Herbaceous. Silver, white, green. Variegated. Broad. Nettle-like.
Sow Outside: Cover seed. Spring for most species; autumn for yellow species. Spacing 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm).
Sow Inside: Germination time: one to two months. Temperature: 65 to 70°F (18 to 21°C).Dead nettle eks in advance. Transplant outdoors following in spring or autumn.
Requirements and care: Full sunlight or partial shade. Good drainage. Poor soil. Provide a spring feed. Tidy up by shearing once flowering has completed. Protect from slugs. Propagate: by dividing or by taking root cuttings in the spring.
Miscellaneous: Invasive plant in many areas. The Lamium purpureum species can flower in mild winters and is often a source of nectar for bees at this time of year. Gets the name dead nettle due to the similarity of leaves to those of nettles; it does not possess stinging hairs.

How to grow Dead Nettle

The time that you sow the seeds of Lamium is dependent upon the species that you are growing; Yellow ones should be sown in autumn; purple or white species of Lamium should be sown in the spring. Once sown, lightly cover the seeds with topsoil. They can be grown in either a sunny or partially shaded part of the garden that has good drainage. Dead Nettle and other Lamium members like to grow in a poor soil.

Grimm's Gardens Dead Nettle Purple Dragon: Well Established: Container Size: 4.5" pot
Lawn & Patio (Grimm's Gardens)
  • Lamium maculatum Purple Dragon
  • Full to Part Shade
  • Height: 4-8
  • Spread: 12-24
  • Zone: 4 to 9

Many phases of propagation

2009-07-01 10:34:10 by AnitaMoPlants

You were correct in eliminating some of the leaf surface and making a shallow wound in the base of the stem.
For soft wood stem cuttings one usually makes a clean cut just below a node in the stem and then a one inch sliced wound .
You may not have lost the plant. Roots may form this autumn.
The leaves may have fallen from drying out or perhaps a fungus formed in the soil
With evergreen leaf cuttings I sometimes will put plastic over the cuttings to keep the humidity up .
Environmental control such as stress, too much water, not enough light or a soil fungus appearance are all plausible reasons for the leaf drop

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  —
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Frederick Warne & Co. Wayside Woodland & Blossoms (III Volumes)
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