Purple Dead Nettle in Tennessee

Purple Dead Nettle, responds to a rainy day, while rain-dropped kale stands unpurturbedToday I waded through the wet 60-degree grass to take a picture of two of the kale I planted back in October, picked in November and again in February and did not expect to pick again. But here it is rising from the Purple Dead Nettle, which I only just learned about, thanks to google images. The Purple Dead Nettle has taken over my little side garden where I successfully grew winter kale for the first time. If the kale didn’t rise above the Purple would you see it in this sea of green and purple?

My old kale in new spring

Here’s another shot (okay, I’m learning how to use photoshop on my raw images–does it look new?), which you can compare with my truly “new” kale (below if I can find it and not if I can’t) that I planted in early spring last year, and which was so beautiful, but did not survive the bugs that gobbled the leaves up, seemingly overnight:

Now, all that said about new kale, old kale and Dead Nettle (a good thing), Purple, I’ve also just learned that it works well in a smoothie….well, coincidences upon co-incidents! Just this weekend I finally threw the over-ripe bananas I had in the freezer, with some store-bought frozen strawberries (probably not NGO), some vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 cup of orange juice. Voila! A smoothie to write home about. And if you’re writing home to Dharamsala, to your Tibetan friends, make that a Goji….even better.

5 ingredients, that's all!Here’s what I learned about the purple nettle, from the wonderful “First Ways: urban foraging and other adventures” Blog:

That is Lamium purpureum, a mint family plant known as purple dead nettle. ?Thick, lucsious smoothie with Purple Dead Nettle, minty! ies ever since I read this piece by a Tennessee homesteader. I blend it because the fuzzy texture and bland, grassy flavor does not make for awesome eating as a whole plant. (That said, with a little creativity, anything is possible.)

So I picked some Dead Nettle (a la purpella), ran to the store for above ingredients, or as close as I could get, and threw them into the blender….was it better than my original Goji? See for yourself!

First, the ingredients, then the pouring of the libations….I can’t show you how good it tastes. I put in all the Pupolis Deadus Nettalis (Lamium purpureum to be fair) that you see in the picture, two bananas, a bunch of strawberries (8?), some juice, and half the yogurt….

So, here’s the site map:

begin with picture of kale you didn’t know you had growing because you’re only just now venturing out of your house and into the spring…..

get mildly curious about the purply weed taking over, almost thatching your treasured kale, curious enough to see what google says (take a photo or two)

Grimm's Gardens Dead Nettle Purple Dragon: Well Established: Container Size: 4.5" pot
Lawn & Patio (Grimm's Gardens)
  • Lamium maculatum Purple Dragon
  • Full to Part Shade
  • Height: 4-8
  • Spread: 12-24
  • Zone: 4 to 9

I'm back with more info

2009-04-07 19:12:13 by -WEEDS-

I googled mint and found a photo of your top photo. It was linked to a blog. I have no association with said blog, but here's what it said:
One of the true signs of spring is when the fields become misted with purple, like this one in Adams County. These purple pastures are the work of Purple Dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum, a non-native Eurasian weed in the mint family. It is quite ubiquitous, and I'm sure you've seen it. It is at its showiest when vast quantities cloak the fallow spring fields.
Like most mints, even weedy non-native ones, Purple Dead-nettle is quite striking upon close inspection

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  — Gwinnettdailypost.com
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

Frederick Warne & Co. Wayside Woodland & Blossoms (III Volumes)
Book (Frederick Warne & Co.)
Ardea Wildlife Pets Photographic Print of JLMO-3323 Red Dead Nettle - flowers from Ardea Wildlife Pets
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