Lamium purpureum Red Dead Nettle

Red Dead-nettles in Earlham CemeteryIt is spring and Red Dead-nettles (Lamium purpureum) are nearly everywhere – in gardens, in cracks in the pavement and on the allotment. In a mild spring these pretty flowers can start appearing as early as February and they can continue throughout the spring and summer and into autumn.

To many the Red Dead-nettle (also known as Purple Dead-nettle, Badman, Badman’s Posies, Sweet Archangel or Red Archangel) is a rampant weed and it is certainly good at seeding and producing more of its kind on newly weeded soil and other bare ground. It can also carry cucumber mosaic virus and potato leaf-roll virus. A single plant can produce between one and four thousand seeds and evidence of Red Dead-nettle has been found in Bronze Age deposits, so it probably came to Britain with early agriculture, along with other weeds.Red Dead-nettle to North America, where it is listed as an invasive species in some areas.

But Red Dead-nettle flowers are very popular with bumblebees when few other flowers are about so I always allow a few plants to grow on the allotment. I find that on my dry, sandy soil Red Dead-nettles don’t cause much trouble as they can be pulled or hoed out very easily and they are never a nuisance. From May onwards a crop of different summer weeds take over and cause far more trouble: Fat Hen, Lesser Bindweed, Gallant Soldier, sowthistles, to name but a few.

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In my experience absolutly correct

2009-11-02 00:09:47 by horticultureOC

Papayas life for less than 10 years, there not true woody plants but rather giant herbaceous perennials. If topped the adventitious sprouts will be weak & will not produce quality fruit. this is so because the plant is spending the energy to re grow a new crown not fruit. It is best to plant a dwarf variety like dwarf Hawaiian Solo Red or just remove the papaya trees when they get to tall to harvest. Buy a new one or start from seed Papayas are easy 7 fast growing providing they receive no frost. Papayas do well here in my garden in central orange County CA 92705.

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