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Red dead-nettle is a relatively small annual weed found in gardens and crops in most parts of New Zealand. It can grow throughout the year though is found more commonly at cooler times of the year. It doesn't sting people despite having the word "nettle" within its name, which presumably comes from the leaves looking vaguely similar to nettle if looked at from a distance with poor eye-sight. Red dead-nettle tends to sprawl rather than grow upright.

Distinguishing features

red dead-nettle N2.jpgRed dead-nettle can be easily confused with staggerweed and henbit (Lamium amplexicaule), which are all small cropping weeds from the Lamiaceae family. All three have lilac flowers clustered at the base of leaves, and also have square stems. However, staggerweed has a much hairier stem than the other two, and the leaves of staggerweed and henbit near the ends of the stems are more likely to have no stalks than red dead-nettle. There are also subtle differences in leaf shape between the three species.


Like staggerweed, red dead-nettle can become a problem in crops following applications of selective herbicides, as it can tolerate many of the products used. It appears to be poorly controlled by many sulfonylureas such as chlorsulfuron (eg Glean) and tribenuron (eg Granstar) and phenoxy herbicides such as MCPB, mecoprop and 2, 4-D. It is best controlled in cereal crops as young seedlings using bromoxynil (eg Bromotril) or by using Hussar (iodosulfuron). In other crops, trifluralin can control it, and in ornamental situations, it is susceptible to oxadiazon (eg Oracle).

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In my experience absolutly correct

2009-11-02 00:09:47 by horticultureOC

Papayas life for less than 10 years, there not true woody plants but rather giant herbaceous perennials. If topped the adventitious sprouts will be weak & will not produce quality fruit. this is so because the plant is spending the energy to re grow a new crown not fruit. It is best to plant a dwarf variety like dwarf Hawaiian Solo Red or just remove the papaya trees when they get to tall to harvest. Buy a new one or start from seed Papayas are easy 7 fast growing providing they receive no frost. Papayas do well here in my garden in central orange County CA 92705.

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