Lamium Spotted Dead Nettle

A Hermann's Pride Lamium Blooming in the Garden

Lamium species

Lamium plants are clumping or spreading, semi-evergreen members of the mint family.
They are known for their beautiful silver and green variegation patterns in their
textured foliage with toothed edges that light up those dark, shaded areas
and the spires of dainty, hooded flowers that appear in late spring and early summer.
Lamiums are excellent plants for woodland areas or in your shade garden.
Some species of Lamiums may become invasive in some areas.

Growing Requirements for Lamium Plants

With the exception of L. galeobdolon 'Hermanns Pride', which appreciates a little morning sun,
Lamium plants should be grown in partial to full shade to avoid leaf scorching.
Plant your Lamiums 12"-18" apart in evenly moist, moderately rich, well drained soil.
Water thoroughly but allow soil to dry slightly between waterings.
Apply a balanced fertilizer monthly while your Lamium is actively growing.
Deadhead regularly to encourage continued blooming.
Provide protection from slugs and snails.

Yellow Archangel plants, Lamium galeobdolon are hardy in USDA zones 6-10.
They form dense 12"-24" tall clumps of deciduous, silver and green checkered foliage.
In early spring, they produce spikes of pretty, bright yellow, ¾" flowers.

The Flowers of a Spotted Deadnettle Plant, Lamium maculatum
Spotted Deadnettles, Lamium maculatum, are hardy in USDA zones 4-10.
They are an excellent, spreading, ground cover plant with silvery gray foliage edged with a green margin.
From April through July they produce small clusters of ¾" lavender-pink flowers that stand above the plant.
Deadnettles only grow 4"-6" tall and will spread up to 24".
They are excellent ground covers and are great when grown in planters or hanging baskets.
Deadnettles tend to languish in the heat of Summer but recover when temperatures cool in the fall.

Propagating Lamium Plants

Lamium plants can be easily propagated by layering stem tips near the ground.
Simply pin or peg a growing tip of your plant to the ground and wait
for new roots to develop before severing the new plant from the parent.

Lamium reseed themselves readily, but the seeds from variegated forms will usually revert to their plain green form, so they are seldom used.

Hermann's Pride
Lamium galeobdolon
'Hermann's Pride'

Spotted Deadnettle

"Onto better topics"

2007-04-30 09:27:02 by potpourri

Yeah, too many examples and pissy things go on that were bad enough at the time, so am not in the mood to rehash this Monday morning!
Yeah plants are always better the second time around. I'm surprised you didn't get more from the chamomile. It's an annual that self seeds like crazy. I only brought one with me to the new place from the apartment, because I know this time next year, there'll be a colony of cham seedlings around this one parent. I kept some of mostly everything in pots so they were easy to move. But some things I had to unearth and repot, and a few really didn't like it, like motherwort, because they were in full bloom when I did it

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  —
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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