Herbaceous perennial yellow flowers

planter01 (457x700)This play on yellow variegated foliage and flowers begins with a bold Canna ‘Pretoria’ in the background. Granted, it blooms bright orange – so you will have to decide whether or not you keep the flowers. A Molinia ‘Moorflamme’ adds its graceful wiry stems in the center, bringing both height and movement when the breeze blows. The planter is flanked on the sides with a purplish-flowered Veronicastrum and a black-leaved Dahlia, ‘Mystic Illusion’, which bears single yellow flowers. A Helenium ‘Wyndley’ adds a touch of gold while the base is fleshed out with Calceolaria and a variegated Euphorbia.

cannapretoria (293x300)Canna x generalis ‘Pretoria’ (syn. ‘Bengal Tiger’) – This Canna Lily is often grown just for its beautifully variegated banana-like leaves with fine gold striping and a hint of red on the margins. It bears bright orange flowers on reddish-pink stems from midsummer through to fall. Rhizomes will need to be lifted and stored for winter. Grows 4-6′ high by 4′ wide. Hardy to zone 8.

moliniamoorflame (297x300)Molinia caerulea ssp. caerulea ‘Moorflamme’ – A wonderfully architectural ornamental grass which is both clumping and long-lived. It bears tiny purple flowers (fading to buff) on wiry stems that sway nicely in the breeze. ‘Moorflamme’ is herbaceous and in its prime from summer through to autumn. Coppery-bronze autumn tones. Grows 18″ high and wide. Zone 5.

Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Fascination’ – A tall herbaceous perennial suitable for the back of the border, it has a distinct growth habit with whorls of deep green lance-shaped leaves. Branched tiers of delicate purplish-pink flowers are borne from July to August. Culver’s Root rarely requires staking and works well with ornamental grasses. Grows 4-5′ high by 2-3′. Z3.

veronicafascination (300x297) cannapretoria (293x300) moliniamoorflame (297x300) veronicafascination (300x297)
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Low-chill kinds thrive in mild or cold climates
But peonies have a highly practical side, too. These herbaceous perennials require minimal care, and they can thrive undivided for decades. And peonies have great three-season value in the landscape. In early spring, their large, strong leaf buds poke up. Then bright flower buds form, bursting into spectacular blossoms. And from spring through autumn, peonies form luxurious clumps of greenery.
Some nurseries sell blooming plants in 1-gallon containers in spring. But there's no need to wait: now is the time to plant peonies from tubers (shown below)

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  — Gwinnettdailypost.com
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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