Yellow herbaceous peony

Tree Peony Alhambra peonies for sale


Tree Peony Alluring golden yellow with dark red flares at the bases of crinkled petals. Vigorous grower with large blooms. An excellent choice for the beginning tree peony enthusiast.


Intersectional. Bartzella is stunning brilliant yellow peony. Has a pleasant, slightly spicy scent. Healthy disease resistant foliage. American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner 2007.


A substantial pure white bomb with full center tuft and enlarged guard petals. Strong sturdy stems. Vigorous grower.



Overlapping white guard petals set off brilliant gold center, with occasional top fluff of small, white petals. Cheddar Charm is a strong grower and fragrant. Excellent cut flower.


Large, well cupped white blossoms centered with creamy yellow staminoides. Evelyn Tibbets is an excellent landscape and garden subject.


Intersectional. Garden Treasure is a bright and superior peony plant for the cutting garden and as a landscape plant. Blooms longer than herbaceous peonies. Lemony fragrance. American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.


Cheerful yellow double bomb peony makes for a striking addition to your peony garden. Strong stems, require no staking. Final flower form develops at maturity. Rare and VERY LIMITED.



Tree Peony Tree Peony. Striking clusters of yellow flowers with red flare at the base of the petals. Very Fragrant, showy flowers of 6-10" sometimes reblooms in the late summer. Excellent grower, free bloomer. Advisable to plant in partial share since the flowers tend to face in full sun.

Tree Peony P. DELAVAYI

Tree Peony. Hardy, but can freeze to the ground in hard winters only to leap out again in spring. Blooms profusely with 2-3" blossoms. Distinctive dark brown seed pods. Fantastic as a hedge or as center attraction in the garden. Very rare.


Intersectional. Prairie Charm has blossoms of various shades of yellow with a hint of yellow-green. Red center flares. Vigorous grower with abundant blossoming potential. The plant remains in bloom for an extended period of time as the side buds open slowly and in a very measured performanceVery good value for an itoh. Award of Landscape Merit 2009.


Full double of medium yellow color with purple red flares at the petal base. Foliage deep green, 30" height, standing fairly erect. No Staking. Sets seeds and reports are that the pollen is highly effective on difficult crosses. VERY RARE.
Not available for 2013
Photo Credit: Cricket Hill Garden


Coral Charm is an early, semi-double has deep coral buds that open to pleasing coral-peach blossom. Tall thick stems hold flowers that range from deep coral to pale ivory. True color breakthrough for the peony garden. Excellent cut flower. A classic! American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner. For long lasting floral display, pair it off with Raspberry Charm.
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No stinging nettles are

2009-06-12 06:10:31 by too_cute

Stinging nettles are a dioecious herbaceous perennial, growing to 1-2 m tall in the summer and dying down to the ground in winter. It has very distinctively yellow, widely spreading roots, rhizomes and stolons. The soft green leaves are 3-15 cm long and are borne oppositely on an erect wiry green stem. The leaves have a strongly serrated margin, a cordate base and an acuminate tip with a terminal leaf tooth longer than adjacent laterals. It bears small greenish or brownish 4-merous flowers in dense axillary inflorescences. The leaves and stems are very hairy with non-stinging hairs and also bear many stinging hairs (trichomes), whose tips come off when touched, transforming the hair into a needle that will inject several chemicals: acetylcholine, histamine, 5-HT or serotonin, and...

Your soil is probably fine

2004-06-11 10:25:13 by pro

Your soil probably doesn't need anything but watering and mulching. Exceptions: hard compacted soil (all the air spaces have been squashed out so water and air cannot penetrate therefore roots can't live), vegetable planting beds, annual ornamental beds that will be planted over and over.
First weed the area. If it's really weedy use the search function to find posts on sheet mulching. If you'll hand water for now skip ahead. Research for the future: Otherwise hire an irrigation contractor (look for specialists in yellow pages) to check and repair your system next

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DALY: Use care when planting around septic drainfields  —
Shallow rooted annual and perennial herbaceous plants can be planted closer to the drain fields since they do not have invasive roots. Turfgrass can be grown over the drain field and is beneficial since it helps hold the soil in place.

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